Distribution of At-Home Rapid Screening Tests to Elementary Students

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The Québec government has recently announced that rapid screening tests are being distributed to parents of children attending educational childcare centres. These tests can be administered at home by parents when their child presents symptoms related to COVID-19.

In the coming days, these self-tests will also be gradually distributed to all preschools and elementary schools in Québec. It is expected that if received on time from the Ministry, the rapid test kits will be distributed to students in time for the holiday break.

Each child will receive from the school a kit containing five self-tests. They will bring the kit home in their school bag. Also included in the kit is a step-by-step guide from the provincial government outlining the instructions for administering the test, and understanding the result.

Self-tests do not contain any dangerous substances. They can be stored at a temperature between 2C and 30C. Therefore, you do not need to keep them refrigerated. In addition, you can throw them in the trash after use.

Self-tests are a supplement to all other the health measures implemented in schools. While this new screening method is being used, it must be used in addition to the other health measures in effect. It is therefore essential to remain vigilant.

For more information on school health guidelines and rapid screening tests, please refer to:

Thank you for your continued collaboration,

George Singfield, Secretary General and Director of Corporate Services and Communications

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