A multi-coloured infinity ribbon, with the words Autism Appreciation

April is World Autism Month, a month dedicated to sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase our understanding and acceptance of people with autism.  As part of our school board’s commitment to educating community members, we prepared a series of learning resources below.

Learning Resources

Amazing Things Happen  |  Video by the National Autistic Society
Don’t know much about the Autism Spectrum Disorder yet? This 4-minute beautifully illustrated video is the first you should watch. Watch below ↓

Meet Julia  |  Clip from a Sesame Street Episode
Meet Julia, an old buddy of Elmo’s and the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism…and she and Elmo share an amazing friendship. Watch below ↓

Autism Prevalence among Children and Youth  |  Infographic by the Public Health Agency
Report finding are based on 2015 health, education and social services data collected from seven participating provincial and territorial governments, representing 40% of children and youth in Canada. See below ↓

Myths about Autism Spectrum Disorder  |  Video by the Algonquin College
In 2018, the Algonquin College prepared this short yet insightful video touching on misconceptions that can be common of people on the spectrum. Watch below ↓

A multicoloured infinity ribbon (illustrated above) is used to illustrate the spectrum of human neurodiversity.

Québec’s Centre of Excellence for the Autism Spectrum Disorder  |  LBPSB
Designated as a Centre of Excellence within the province, its mandate is to assist schools in the implementation of best practices for the inclusion of students with ASD and serve as a resource to other English school boards in Quebec, such as Western Québec. The team provides assistance to students and families and works to support educational personnel in developing their capacity to meet a wide range of needs in the classroom. This is done through direct intervention, coaching, professional development, and the sharing of materials. Learn more >

Autism Spectrum Disorder  |  Canada.ca
Learn about autism spectrum disorder, its causes, signs and symptoms, health effects and available support. Also find information on surveillance and guidance for professionals. Learn more >

Geneva Centre for Autism
The Centre offers a wide range of clinical services tailored to all individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They provide online training globally, through a full curriculum in English and French. Professionals can learn anytime, anywhere and apply the strategies immediately at work, school and in the community. Learn more >

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