MusicMakers 2018

Palais des congrès, Gatineau

WHAT:  MusicMakers is a concert that features a performance from each participating WSQB school.  The end of the concert features a massed choir making up all the participating students, normally 500 to 700.  Singing in such a massed choir is a rare opportunity and an experience that students will remember and cherish the rest of their lives.

WHO:  Any WSQB student.

WHY:  Music creates community.  It is inclusive, cooperative and it inspires and fosters hope.

WHEN:  Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, 5:30pm.  It will end between 8pm and 8:20pm.

WHERE: Palais des congrès de Gatineau, 50, boulevard Maisonneuve, 3rd floor, Gatineau (Hull sector), QC, J8X 4H4.


  1. Outdoor Parking Lot
    1. On rue Courcelette, accessible via rue Maisonneuve or rue Laurier, accommodates up to 150 vehicles
    2. $5/hour or $14/day
  2. Indoor Parking Lot
    1. On rue Courcelette, accessible via rue Maisonneuve or rue Laurier, accommodates up to 200 vehicles
    2. $5/hour or $14/day
  3. Street Parking
    1. Widely available on surrounding streets
    2. Parking meters are in effect until 5pm or 6pm, depending on the street

ACCESSIBILITY:  The Palais des congrès accommodates individuals with special needs and features a wide range of services adapted for people with reduced mobility, visual or hearing disabilities.

MEALS:  Meals are not provided for in the MusicMakers budget.  Schools are expected to provide meals (lunch/dinner) for their students, or have students bring their own bagged meals.  If schools wish to order pizza, they can order a week ahead of time from the Canteen/Bistro at the Palais.  The Palais will then deliver the pizzas to the appropriate location at a prescribed time on the day of the event.  The pizzas are $22 for a Large, and are very good J

CANTEEN/BISTRO:  There is a Bistro onsite, across the hallway from the main event.  The Bistro will be open on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 from 5:30pm to 10:00pm serving:

  1. soft drink, juice, water
  2. chips, chocolate bars
  3. coffee, tea, herbal teas
  4. hot dogs/hamburgers
  5. pizza points
  6. poutine, French fries
  7. assorted sandwiches

MUSIC: Each school has a 5 minute slot in which they can perform a song or two.  This can be music in any style, with any combination of instruments or voices.  In some cases, we can stretch the time allotted to 6 minutes or a bit more, but only in exceptional circumstances as the concert becomes overly lengthy otherwise.

MASSED CHOIR:  The massed choir will sing two songs which will be available online for the months prior so that students can prepare.  Tim will travel to each school to work with students on the massed choir pieces.  He will also hold a massed choir rehearsal in the weeks prior to the event.

MASSED CHOIR REHEARSAL:  This rehearsal will be held on a Friday evening (likely at PETES).  Students will be expected to make their own arrangements to make it there, as it is outside of normal school hours.  We will have plenty of volunteers to help supervise.  Parents will need to sign their kids in and then sign them out.  This rehearsal has been very successful the past two years with participation from a large number of schools.

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