Programs Overview

There are almost as many ways to go to a school as there are students in it. And each kid has a different learning experience. Western Québec schools offers tons of different academic programs, services, extra-curricular activities and initiatives (take a look at Elementary Schools or High Schools to discover them). Here’s some info on some of our favourites.

Breakfast Clubs

The breakfast program is offered in 15 schools across our territory.  The program offers an affordable and nutritious breakfast option for underprivileged families.  It allows for students to retrieve nutritional energy so they may better perform in class, helping them achieve their full potential.

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Twelve of our elementary schools offer daycare services.  From the Buckingham Kids’ Club to Wakefield’s Kool Kids, children can receive professional care before and after school, as well as during lunchtime and on full-day PD days.  Children have access to a variety of educational and cultural activities, ranging from science to literature to arts.  In addition, these services support special needs students and promote inclusiveness.

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Early Start

Under certain conditions, children may begin kindergarten early. Students presenting serious developmental delays may often be granted early admission as a Special Education derogation.

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Western Québec Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Life Skills Program

This is an award-winning program that helps to inspire and educate students and teachers alike to become more responsible citizens who conserve and protect the natural environment and also to reach out as leaders to encourage others to do the same. Visit Mr. E’s microsite.

French Immersion

Oui oui, Western Québec knows the importance of French in Canada, and especially in Québec! All of our schools located in Aylmer and Hull, both elementary and secondary, offer the French immersion program.  Each school offers a different percentage ranging from 30% to as high as 100%. This percentage represents the time teaching or playing in la langue de Molière. All other schools offer either French Second Language, Core-French or Enriched French classes. Vous êtes les bienvenus!

English Language Arts

Here at Western Québec, the English Language Arts team is dedicated to providing instruction that impacts student achievement and success from Kindergarten to Secondary V. Western Québec believes that the quality of education comes through effective teaching. The ELA team is dedicated to growing and supporting our ELA teachers through a variety of valuable professional development sessions.

Our English Language Arts Program follows the Québec Education Program and is heavily entrenched within the Balanced Literacy Model. This model focuses on the foundations of literacy which offer our students time to read, time to converse and time to write. This holistic model allows our students at Western Québec to develop a wide range of literacy skills and ultimately graduate with the necessary skills to venture into post-secondary education.

Throughout the year WQSB administers regular reading assessments to help monitor the progress of our student success. The reading assessment tool is the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System. Our teachers are also familiar with the 6 Traits of Writing, which helps to foster a dynamic writing program within our ELA classrooms board wide. Additionally, our teachers are frequently exposed to new resources throughout any given school year by lead teachers or the ELA team itself.

For valuable resources that align with our English Language Arts Program (online research tools, e-books, audio books, etc.) please click on the following links:

  • Western Québec Virtual Library – One Stop Shop for all your Reading & Research Needs: E-Books in English & French, Encyclopaedias in English & French, News Websites, Audio Books in English & French, etc.
  • LEARN Québec – Québec ELA program information: subject specific support, online tutoring, report card information, community links etc.


Passe-partout is a part-time (2 days/week) governmental family intervention program created to foster educational success.  It is designed to provide parents with the tools they need to help their child adopt attitudes and practices that will enable the child to develop, grow and succeed.


The Pre-Kindergarten program is offered on an as needed basis and is determined by parental interest in the region. Where and when offered, the program runs 5 days a week from September through to June.

Multi-Âge Program

The Multi-Âge program is offered when there are not enough students to create two separate pre-kindergarten classes and therefore the Kindergarten 4 and the Kindergarten 5 classes are merged to create a class with multiple age groups.

Homework Programs

Many of our schools offer a homework program that allows students to receive consistent help from their teachers (and sometimes even their peers) either before school, during lunch or after school.  This is a key component to the success of some students and the WQSB truly encourages programs such as these.

Guidance Councillor

A Guidance Councillor can be found in a total of 6 schools and centres. This service provides an opportunity to talk to a neutral individual on a variety of topics, including personal matters, appropriate work paths, time management, etc.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Western Québec has two drugs and alcohol prevention technicians who make their way through our schools and centres to offer workshops, presentations, prevention materials, information packages for parents and in-person support for students who are seeking help with issues surrounding drugs or alcohol.