School Registration Contacts

Personnes-contact pour les inscriptions scolaires




École primaire Buckingham Elementary School

Cindy Larin: 819-986-3191 #402006,

École primaire Chelsea Elementary School


Margaret Burns: 819-827-0245 #414006,

École secondaire D’Arcy McGee High School


Anne Spear: 819-684-7472 #437007,

École primaire Dr. S.E. McDowell Elementary School

Adèle Denault: 819-647-3800 #433006,

École primaire Dr. Wilbert Keon School

Angela Fleming: 819 689-2488 #431006,

École primaire Eardley Elementary School

Kim Teske: 819-684-5955 476002,

École G. Théberge School

819-627-1212 #0,

École Golden Valley School

Martine St-Pierre: 819-825-3211 #222,

École primaire Greater Gatineau Elementary School


Michelle Comple: 819-663-4842 #430007,

École secondaire Hadley Junior High School


Dianne Miljour: 819-776-3158 #439010,

École primaire Lord Aylmer Elementary School

Corinna Abraham: 819-684-4888 #4050007,

École Maniwaki Woodland School

Melanie Davis: 819-449-2597 #429006,

École intermédiaire Namur Intermediate School

Kim Diamond: 819-426-2996 #404006,

École Noranda School

Amy Barker: 819-762-2706,

École primaire Onslow Elementary School

Wendy Wesley: 819-458-2375 #432006,

École secondaire Philemon Wright High School


Dianne Miljour: 819-776-3158 #439010,

École primaire Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary School


Leona Lalonde: 819-777-8600 #4418007,

École primaire Poltimore Elementary School

Margit Pedersen: 819-457-2335 #403006,

École secondaire Pontiac High School


Debbie Stafford-Turcotte: 819-647-2244 #438008,

École primaire Queen Elizabeth Elementary School

Lisa Savard: 819-467-2865 #408006,

École primaire St. John’s Elementary School

Joanne Laviolette: 819-648-2149 #425006,

École secondaire St. Michael’s High School


819-422-3584 #415006,

École primaire South Hull Elementary School


Lucie Aumond: 819-684-6565 #410006,

École secondaire Symmes Junior High School


Anne Spear: 819-684-7472 #437007,

École primaire Wakefield Elementary School

Linda Spallin: 819-459-2373 #443006,

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