Virtual Library

The Western Québec Virtual Library is a compendium of online resources that support the Québec Education Program. This page is full of bilingual, multi-media tools; including books, research databases and encyclopaedias, news and more.

Access to these resources is password-free from all Westen Québec schools and centres. Most resources are also available from home 24 hours, 7 days a week. Some resources require a username and password to access from home. Please contact your teacher or librarian for this log-in information.

E-Books and Audio Books

Western Québec Online Library – Our board’s online library catalogue. Search your school library right here.
  Western Québec OverDrive Digital Library – The WQSB OverDrive Digital Library contains ebooks and audiobooks for all grade levels. Borrowing account numbers are required to log-in.
  Bibliothèque des Archives Nationales du Québec – Québec provincial library. Many online resources are available through a free membership. See Board Librarian for details on how to sign up.
  Tumble Book Kids – Tumble Library for Elementary levels.
  Tumble Biblio Enfants – Bibliothèque Tumble en français pour les niveaux primaires et secondaires
  TumblebookCloud – Middle/Secondary : An online collection of e-books and read-along chapter books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books for teens and young adults.

Streaming – gives teachers and students streaming access to the best in educational video and audio from CBC and Radio-Canada. You’ll find documentaries from television and radio, news reports and more. The content is available in both English and French. To access, log into LEARN first (see LEARN). Contact Lisa Diner ( for more info.
  National Film Board – Content for all levels : thousands of documentaries, animated films and shorts in both English and French.


Ottawa Citizen – Electronic version of newspaper. Access to 11 newspapers across the country. 30 searchable archives. Access is only available from computers in Western Québec schools and centres.
Le Droit (Ottawa) – Quotidien francophone de la region. Accès aux archives pour 30 jours. L’accès au contenu réservé aux abonnés se fait en utilisant votre adresse courriel scolaire et son mot de passe. Plus de détails avec le/la bibliothécaire de votre école.


Encyclopædia Britannica – Elementary/Middle/Secondary: Online multimedia encyclopedia for all levels. Create your individual accounts and save articles. Learning Zone for Pre-K to Grade 2. Elementary interface has read-to-me function. Also includes teacher support/tools. Access outside schools and centres requires username and password. See your school librarian.
Explora Canada – Secondary:  Explora Canada database includes leading Canadian periodicals and international periodicals in full text, full-text reference books, and thousands of full-text biographies. Also includes an image collection containing thousands of photos, maps and flags, including images from Canadian Create your individual accounts to save resources and citations. Access outside schools and centres requires username and password. See your school librarian.
Explora Primary – Elementary academic database includes full text articles, images, dictionary and Atlas. Create your individual accounts to save resources and citations. Access outside schools and centres requires username and password. See your school librarian.
Encyclopædia Universalis – Elementary: French encyclopedia for elementary students. Over 2000 articles with dictionary and world atlas. Includes videos and article of the day, as well as read-to-me function. Access outside schools and centres requires username and password. See your school librarian.
Historica Canada (Canadian Encyclopædia) – Secondary: Bilingual online free encyclopedia. Includes over 40,000 articles and 6,000 interactive maps on Canadian topics.

Teachers Resources

Livres ouverts – Livres ouverts est une sélection commentée de livres qui s’adressent aux jeunes du préscolaire, du primaire et du secondaire. Une sélection de 6860 livres!
Québec Reading Connection – Québec Reading Connection (QRC) provides an extensive selection of quality literature from Québec, Canada and beyond. The extensive database (preschool and elementary, secondary to come) offers classroom activity suggestions and pertinent connections to the Québec Education Program. QRC also offers practical and relevant guidance for book purchasing.
The Inquiry Process – This MEES website is a great resource for taking students through the research process: plan—search—evaluate—use. It contains links to the QEP and progressions of learning for multiple subject areas.
Western Québec Digital Citizenship – We could probably describe Western Québec’s Digital Citizenship initiative here, but it’s definitely better if you check it out yourself.
Alloprof – Allô prof, c’est un organisme de bienfaisance qui offre gratuitement de l’aide aux devoirs à tous les élèves du primaire et du secondaire du Québec.
LEARN – The Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is a non-profit organization that primarily serves the public and private Anglophone, and Aboriginal, Youth and Adult Education sectors of Québec. LEARN offers access to quality learning resources. Contact Lisa Diner ( for more info.

Tools – Free online citation creation tool. Create individual account and save citations in multiple formats (APA, MLA, etc.).
  Creative Commons – Search for images, music, text and more that are copyright-free.