This page was prepared, updated, and featured throughout the month of February. It will now most likely stay relatively dormant until next year.
Black History matters year-round. Below are tons of interesting and important learning resources to explore.

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February not only ushers in winter’s chill and lively outdoor celebrations but also commemorates a significant chapter in Canadian history, Hockey!  

At the heart of this legacy is Willie O’Ree, a true Canadian icon. His story epitomizes the values of hard work, a commitment to learning, and the strength of perseverance.  Willie O’Ree embodies the Canadian dream—a testament to resilience and triumph for all.
As we celebrate Black History Month, let us honor and amplify the remarkable contributions of individuals like Willie O’Ree who have left a mark on our shared heritage.

Willie: The Game-Changing Story of the NHL’s first Black Player by Willie O’Ree

A message from the Western Québec School Board

During Black History Month, the Western Québec School Board proudly reaffirms its commitment to fostering inclusion, justice, and equity within our educational community. As we embrace this month of reflection and celebration, we wholeheartedly recognize and honour the diverse and invaluable experiences that shape our communities. Through our collective commitment to inclusivity, we aim to create an educational environment where every individual’s story is acknowledged, valued, and woven into the fabric of our shared history. Together, let us celebrate the richness of diversity and continue our journey towards a more just and equitable future. #BlackHistoryMonth #Inclusion #EquityEducation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

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