The way we see it, “Western Québec” is just another way of saying “welcoming and supportive workplace”. We are proud to offer an innovative and progressive Teacher Induction Program.

Professional Growth
A variety of opportunities are provided for teachers to learn and grow, both in and outside Western Québec. Access to Tribes Training, provincial conferences, professional book clubs and subject specific workshops are some examples of the choices available to all teachers.

Mentoring and Coaching Fellowship
Teachers are well supported by their administrators during their first two years. Every teacher new to the board is provided with the support of a Mentor-Coach in their school.

The relationship between teachers and Mentor Coaches, based on trust and mutual respect, provides the opportunity for collaborative growth. The Teacher Induction Program serves as a support during this process. 


We are increasingly fortunate to offer staff and students athletic, artistic and community-centered pedagogical activities that enrich the lives of everyone. Examples?

Destination Imagination
This boardwide, fun and hands-on program fosters students’ creativity and curiosity through challenges. Students who participate learn invaluable 21st century skills as well as patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect and collaboration.

Destination Leadership
This experiential camp brings together students of all our high schools and teaches leadership qualities through teamwork challenges. These students become future leaders for Destination Imagination and at school.

When 700 students and staff members come together to share their love for music at this boardwide concert, it is bound to be a memorable experience.

A Community

We believe in people and we strive to create a safe and engaging culture in every school and centre.

Together, we’re dedicated to developing lifelong learners who contribute to society and are prepared for their future. All of us are committed to academic excellence and the provision of quality education which encourages social, emotional and moral development.

We respect and promote the rights and responsibilities of every individual while maintaining a student-centered, safe and healthy learning environment. Parents and communities are valued as collaborative partners in enriching programs and achieving goals.

Cultural differences are valued and celebrated within our student population through French-Immersion programs, First Nations events and student initiatives and activities.

Make it your workplace

Work anywhere from 1 to 550 kms out of Ottawa

Our 30 schools and centres provide English-language education over an immense territory which covers the Outaouais, Pontiac and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions.

On this interactive map:

  • our 13 elementary schools are in red
  • our 6 high schools in yellow
  • our 6 K-11 schools in purple
  • our 6 adult ed centres in black
  • to zoom in or out, aim somewhere on the map and scroll

Work anywhere from 1 to 550 kms out of Ottawa

Our 30 schools and centres provide English-language education over an immense territory which covers the Outaouais, Pontiac and Abitibi regions.

We like to think your classroom just might be here somewhere.

On this interactive map:

  • our 13 elementary schools are in red
  • our 6 high schools in yellow
  • our 6 K-11 schools in purple
  • our 6 adult ed centres in black
  • to zoom in or out, you may need to double-tap or to pinch (depending on your phone)

Don’t take our word for it

Teachers, support staff, professionals and administrators all work together to make it a great place to work. We’ve asked a few if and why they would recommend Western Québec to new education graduates.

Here is what they told us.


“After living and working in three different provinces, I deliberately chose Western Québec because of its exceptional commitment to professional development, and its caring support of staff.  If your passion is teaching, you will fit right in.”

Les BSA fabriquent des pots à épices avec Mario Cuglietta, animateur de la vie étudiante.

“Almost 20 PD days are set aside each year so that teachers have the opportunity to come together and share their best practices and ideas with their colleagues within the board.”

Student smiles up at teacher, Matt Orlando

For me, teaching with Western Québec is a lifelong educational journey. I have been offered great professional development in my areas of interest, and even been given the chance to pursue and complete my master’s degree, which was supported by the school board and Bishop’s University.”

“It is a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. I have the privilege of working with great colleagues, and the administration is supportive and approachable.”

À la fin de l'atelier, les élèves ont participé à un défi/course de changement de pneus.

“Principals are truly supportive of both teachers and students. I can really feel all this support when I’m in the classroom.”


“Western Québec is the place to work if you are committed to lifelong learning and providing your students with the best possible education.”

“You’re not a number to the board. Unlike other boards, there is a more personal feel to it. Your colleagues aren’t just colleagues and your principal isn’t just your boss. It’s almost like we’re a bunch of friends working together in a tight-knit community that provides the best possible education to the kids.

Plus, the support, the small classes, the freedom of choice, and the coaching opportunities clearly don’t hurt!”


“Teachers are given the opportunity to reach their full potential through a network of collaboration and mentoring programs. They have the ability to engage with and learn from their peers, allowing for the development and integration of new programming in a dynamic and supportive environment.”

Une enseignante très patient démêle le cordon des mitaines d'un élève

“I have been teaching with Western Québec for more than 20 years now, and I thoroughly enjoy it. To me, Western Québec is second to none because it attracts positive and energetic teachers that, together, really make up an exceptional team.”



“With 17 days of professional development days directed by the teachers and for the teachers, it is a place where continued learning is valued and supported.”

Le directeur McFall avec Teah et Heather et leurs maris lors de la remise des prix "Nature Inspiration" // Principal McFall with Teah and Heather and their husbands at the Nature Inspiration Awards

“When starting as a new teacher it can be overwhelming. In Western Québec schools however, recruits are paired up with a experienced teacher for the entire year as part of the Teacher Induction Program. It is really a win-win partnership!”

We are committed to providing the best possible education to our students and we can achieve this noble goal by harnessing the skills and knowledge that already exist within our schools. By fostering collaboration in a collective process of learning, Western Québec seeks to provide every school leader, teacher and student in our partnership with access to the combined wisdom of our educational system.

This wisdom and experience, when pooled together and connected to meaningful dialogue and strategic action, will in turn generate invaluable new knowledge that will benefit all members of our board. Together, we aspire to become a world class, knowledge-generating and experience-sharing community, leading the way in school improvement and raising the standards of education for all.

Be part of this team.


But enough about us, tell us a little about you!


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