Homeschooling is an option available to all parents under the Education Act.

“Western Québec strongly believes that through a collaborative approach we can develop a delivery model of quality education that would be in the best interest of all children within our district.  Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact me.”

Stewart Aitken, Director of Primary Education

Perspective families should inform themselves by reading the Québec Government Policy Framework for Home Schooling which outlines the duties and responsibilities of all stakeholders, and review the Québec Education Program for the grade levels of their children to be homeschooled.  Electronic links can be forwarded from the director.

The educational yearly plan for each child to be homeschooled needs to be forwarded to the WQSB.  General guidance is offered to families as needed. The planning, textbooks, and learning materials are the responsibility of the homeschooled family, but may be available in certain situations.

Homeschool students can be assessed in many ways depending on the child’s needs and level.  Assessment may include a portfolio, exams, or tests.  Results are given to parents in order to provide feedback as to how the student is progressing academically.

Register for Homeschooling

The first step is to register. All documents below should be filled, signed and emailed to Chantel Hutter. Note that the forms work best when saved unto a computer, then filled, saved again and then attached to an email.

Contact Information

Want to discuss your situation with us? For further information on homeschooling, contact the office of the Director of Education.

  • Chantel Hutter, Admin Support