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The Western Québec School Board prides itself in providing excellent educational services. To do so, a group of people work diligently in different departments to ensure that the Board runs smoothly.

The Board has eight main departments that oversee all aspects of the board’s mandate, including facets such as curriculum, buildings, school maintenance, staffing and transportation. Each employee makes a vital contribution to the high quality bilingual education offered in our schools.

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Board Office Organigram 2022-2023

Senior Administration

Western Québec’s General Directorate consists of the Director General, the Assistant Director General, the Secretary General and the directors of each main departments. This group oversees all of the Board activities, ranging from budgeting, educational services, to managing the board’s relations with elected commissioners and with the provincial Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES).

  • George Singfield, Director General, Director of School Organization and Transportation
  • Pascal Proulx, Assistant Director General, Director of Buildings, Equipment, and Technology
  • Eldon Keon, Secretary General and Director of Communications
  • Phil Bazinet, Director of Human Resources
  • Martine Lupien, Director of Finance
  • Stewart Aitken, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Lisa Falasconi, Director of Complimentary Services
  • Jennifer Dubeau, Director of Education, Adult Education & Vocational Training, and of the NANS strategy (New Approaches, New Solutions)

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Working directly with senior administration:

  • Rachel Vincent, Administrative Officer (
  • Alain Gendron, Coordinator of Administrative Services & Contract Compliance
  • Tracy Olsen, Documentation Technician
  • Communications:

Buildings & Equipment Department

Our Buildings & Equipment Department supports the mission of the school board in providing the best possible learning environment. This is accomplished by the effective and efficient management of available resources to provide healthy, safe, well maintained and operated facilities, and through the delivery of responsive maintenance, custodial, and construction services in harmony with the individual learning communities.

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We are dedicated to providing:

  • a high standard of cleanliness and operating efficiency;
  • an effective preventive maintenance program;
  • a high standard of repairs and maintenance;
  • an effective engineering creative design and construction service;
  • legislative compliance and high standards of energy, environmental, safety and security services;
  • an efficient financial and administrative service to meet the requirements of the department;
  • effective communications, good working relationships with our communities and continual and meaningful staff development.
Team Members
  • Pascal Proulx, Assitant Director General, and Director of Buildings, Equipment and Technology
  • Soufiane El Ouezzani, Assistant Director of Buildings
  • Administrative Support:
    • Tammy Gauthier, Administrative Technician
    • Kimberly Cosgrove, Administrative Support
  • Project Management:
    • Luc Carrière, Superintendant, Project Manager
    • Ibrahim Kileh, Project Manager
    • Soumia Aissaoui, Project Manager
    • Soufiane Bouazza Boutchich, Project Manager
    • Mélanie Poulin, Administrative Support
  • Bruce Courchaine, Buildings Technician
  • Farid Mouhoubi, HVAC/DDC Technician
  • Jessie Godin-Adams, General Maintenance Foreman
  • Maintenance:
    • Eric St-Cyr
    • Stéphane Sigouin
    • Len Beaudoin
    • Yves Houle
    • Frank Frost
    • Riley Frost
    • Yves Manseau

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Complementary Services Department (Special Needs)

Western Québec is committed to ensuring that all students achieve success. Our school board’s model of service delivery emphasizes inclusion. Students with special needs, as well as staff working with them, are supported by the Complementary Services Department.

Learn more on the Complementary Educational Services page.

  • Lisa Falasconi, Director of Complementary Services
  • Administrative Support:
    • Helen Carrière, Administrative Technician (
    • Madeleine Beauchamp, Office Agent
  • Special Needs Consultants:
    • Lynn Webster, Special Needs Consultant
    • Cindy Smith, Special Needs Consultant
    • Andrea Mailloux, Special Needs Consultant
    • Steve Greig, Special Needs Consultant
    • Joanne Jolliffe, Special Needs Consultant
    • Kelly Schofield, Special Needs Consultant
    • Andrea Gage, Special Needs Consultant
  • Re-Adaptation Services:
    • Janet Sauvé, Readaptation Officer – ASD/Early Intervention
    • Michele Elstone, Readaptation Officer – ASD/Early Intervention
    • Carlee St-Denis, Readaptation Officer
  • Drug Awareness Resource Team (DART) & Sexuality Education Services:
    • Erica Tomkinson, Social Work Technician
    • Kelly Connolly, Social Work Technician
  • Speech & Language Services:
    • Leah MacQuarrie, Speech & Language Pathologist
    • Dana Johannsen, Speech & Language Pathologist
    • Carole Bélanger, Speech & Language Pathologist
    • Isabelle Poitras, Speech & Hearing Correction Officer
    • Lori Watson, Speech & Hearing Correction Officer
  • Clinical Services:
    • Andrea Shattler, Social Services Officer (Transition Agent)
    • Jake Ahern-Davy, Social Worker
    • Karen Gobeil, Psychologist
    • Quinn Keenan, Social Worker
    • Alanna McColl, Nurse

Education Department

Western Québec creates and nurtures lifelong learners. It strives to offer the best possible education in a safe and supportive environment. Every decision made at the board level permeates into our schools and we truly focus on the students and their individual learning abilities.

We are committed to academic excellence, quality education and social, emotional and moral development.

Mission statement
  • Stewart Aitken, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Jennifer Dubeau, Director of Education, Adult Education & Vocational Training, and of the NANS strategy (New Approaches, New Solutions)
  • Amy Curry, Coordinator of Induction and Professional Learning Programs
  • Consulting & Induction Team:
    • Anne Valcov, Preschool Consultant
    • Larissa Sansom, Education Consultant – English Language Arts
    • Louise Ricard, Homeschool Consultant
    • Jeff Harvey, Education Consultant – Math & Teacher Induction Program
    • Sylvie Pouliotte, Education Consultant – French & Teacher Induction Program
    • Marie-Ève Groulx, Education Consultant – Secondary FSL
    • Sarah Kobia, Education Consultant
    • Drew Wapachee McDougall, Education Consultant – Indigenous Pedagogy and Curriculum Development
    • Andrée Fortin, Education Consultant – Adult Education & Vocational Training
    • Martyn Bryant, Education Consultant – Adult Education & Vocational Training
  • Boardwide Librarians:
    • Sunglee Randall
    • Erin Millar
    • Jennfier Davies
  • Administrative Support:
  • Alan Earwaker, Outdoor Education Program Teacher

Finance Department

The Finance team deals with all financial matters pertaining to the school board, schools, centres, and daycares. It also oversees all matters pertaining with school taxes. The department distributes the allocated funds from the province and taxation in a fair and transparent manner based on our schools’ socio-economic rankings.

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School Taxes – We prepared a page with the answers to your questions on School Taxes. Thank you for taking a look at it before contacting our tax team.

Financial Statements – By law, the school board shall appoint an external auditor to carry out the verification and reporting mandate issued by the MEES on the financial transactions of the school board. The results of these verifications are presented as Financial Statements.

Budget – The Québec government must include in its financial reporting the results of all Québec educational and health institutions. Therefore, all boards must report their finances according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Team Members
  • Martine Lupien, Director of Finance
  • Nathalie Dagenais, Coordinator of Finance
  • Cristian Circu, Data Processing Analyst
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable:
    • Linda Cox, Superintendant
    • Julie Lafontaine, Admin Technician
    • Chantal Godin, Office Agent
    • Chase Howard Sabourin, Office Agent
  • School Tax Team:
    • Nicole Leclerc, Superintendant
    • Natacha Rossignol, Office Agent
    • Jacob Lavigne, Office Agent
    • Kayla McLean, Office Agnet
  • Rachel Gagné, receptionist

To write to this department, use the form on the Contact page, or email addresses and

Human Resources Department

The primary role of the Human Resources Department is to hire, promote and develop qualified and professional staff to ensure that students achieve their full potential. HR also offers direction and guidance to management personnel for issues involving staffing and labour relations. In addition, it provides all employees with services and advice related to career aspirations, compensation and benefits.

See the Careers and Resources and Support for Staff pages for more information.

  • Phil Bazinet, Director of Human Resources
  • Jenny Svetec, Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Krystal Boutin, Coordinator of Human Resources
  • Pat Hall, Coordinator of Human Resources
  • Matthew Queale, Superintendent of Human Resources
  • Administrative Support:
    • Sylvie Monette, Administrative Technician
    • Mackenzie Kelly, Administrative Technician
    • Kimberley Robertson, Administrative Technician
    • Kerry Reasbeck, Administrative Technician
    • Ian Earwaker, Administrative Technician
    • France L’Allier, Administrative Technician
    • Hayley Campbell, Office Agent

To write to this departement, use the form on the Contact page, or, in order to receive a response as quickly as possible, use one of the email addresses below:

Information Technology Department

The mandate of the Information Technology Department is to give support in all activities of the School Board when technology is involved. These responsibilities are split into two main domains: administrative systems, and pedagogical services.

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Administrative systems

These represent a wide area of activities: human resources and payroll, finance, purchasing, student transportation, taxation, etc.  It is comprised of the following responsibilities:

  • oversight of all corporate and school servers;
  • management of the Western Québec Telecommunication Network and Fibre Network;
  • maintenance of all computer hardware and software.

Pedagogical services

  • school board corporate systems;
  • school decentralized systems: student registration, student evaluation, scheduling student fees management, library management systems, daycare activities, etc.;
  • training activities.
Team Members
  • Pascal Proulx, Assistant Director General, Director of Buildings, Equipment and Technology
  • David Carle, Coordinator of IT, Infrastructure and Security
  • Gina-Lynn McKinnon-Viens, Superintendant of Technology
  • Carrie-Anne Collins, Superintendant of Technology
  • Tammy Gauthier, Administrative Technician
  • Education Technology Consultants:
    • Lisa Diner, Education Technology Consultant (RÉCIT)
    • Stuart Gray, Education Technology Consultant
  • Analysts:
    • Zhuo Chen
    • Colin Crampton
    • Fatima Zohra Doukhi
  • IT Technicians:
    • Ivan Mokroousov
    • Mike Nealon
    • George Semaan
    • Glenn Homstead
  • Schools Support Team:
    • Dustin Rivet
    • Eric Bishop
    • Mathieu Prud’homme
    • William Trépanier
    • Wilson Balabas
    • Iulian Stanciu
    • Loubna Nedjah
    • Oleg Gusak

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School Organization and Transportation Department

From school admissions and 101 compliance to Mozaïk and GPI support to schools and, of course, bussing, the School Organization & Transportation Department does a lot.

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School Transportation

Western Québec is the only English school board serving the Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions. Every day, over 6400 students are transported to 25 different schools and education centres across our vast territory of more than 90,000 square kilometers. That’s about twice the size of Nova Scotia! Over 2.5 million kilometres of roads are traversed by our ± 150 vehicles annually!

The Transportation Department has an outstanding safety record. Through the dedication and the concerted efforts of bus contractors, drivers, school communities and Transportation Department staff, a safe transportation environment is assured for all our students.

In order to preserve its outstanding safety record and maintain seamless transportation every day, WQSB follows a rigorous policy and relies on specific guidelines to ensure that decisions are made efficiently and professionally.

Learn more on the School Transportation & Inclement Weather page.

Team Members
  • George Singfield, Director General and Director of School Organization and Transportation
  • Lee-Ann Beaulé, Coordinator of School Organization & Transportation
  • School Organization:
    • Sabrina Crawford, Administrative Technician
    • Kim Wilson, Administrative Technician
  • School Transportation:
    • Judy Cadieux-Fortin, Administrative Technician
    • Amélie Gascon, Office Agent

To write to this departement, use the form on the Contact page, or email addresses or