Educating your Child at Home

All children living in Québec must attend school:

    • from the first day of the school calendar in the school year following that in which they turn 6 years old

    • until the last day of the school calendar in the school year during which they turn 16 years old OR at the end of which they obtain a diploma awarded by the Minister of Education

However, parents in Québec may choose to homeschool their children. Under the Education Act, a child who receives appropriate homeschooling may be exempt from compulsory school attendance.


Parent/Guardian Procedure for Homeschooling

1. By July 1 of each school year, send written notice of intent for homeschooling to the Ministry of Education (MEES) and to our board’s Education Department.

2. Send your child’s learning project to the Ministry of Education.

3. In order to benefit from the support services offered by our school board, parents must take the following steps:

Complete the admission process with the Education Department at our board office (15 Katimavik, Gatineau, QC J9J 0E9).

Ensure that you child lives in the territory covered by our board and is eligible for English instruction under the Charter of French Language before applying for a permanent code. This is a requirement from MEES for homeschooling.

To register with our school board, you must provide us with the following documents for the admission process:

    • Your child’s official birth certificate (long form) bearing the names of both parents;

    • A proof of residency on our board’s territory (utility bill, municipal tax statement);

    • Your child’s certificate of eligibility to English education.

If your child does not have a certificate of eligibility yet, refer to Eligibility to English Education page or contact our Education Department for information. An application will be submitted on your behalf to the MEES if eligibility requirements are met.

4. For support services offered by our board, parents must submit the following to our Education department:

    • The reception notice declaring receipt of your learning project by the Ministry of Education (MEES);

    • A copy of your child’s learning project submitted to the Ministry;

    • Should you intend to use a school service that requires an adult on school property: a recent copy of a criminal record check (within 2 years).

Possible services available include:

    • Resources & Instructional Materials – request appendix 1

    • Access to Complementary Services – request appendix 2

    • Textbook Loan – request appendix 6

Note – If a child stops attending an educational institution during the course of the school year, written notice must be sent within 10 days of the date on which school attendance ceases. The MEES’ secure online form may be used by parents to send written notice.

Contact the Education Department

Louise Ricard, Education Department

Send a message using the form on the Contact page and selecting Educational Services – Elementary.

Stewart Aitken, Director of Elementary Education

Send a message using the Contact a member of Senior Administration form.

Elementary Education Department
Western Québec School Board
15 Katimavik, Gatineau (QC) J9J 0E9