Deployment of Read&Write for Students with Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Dear Parents,

Over the past few years, we have supported our students with the tool called WordQ. As you are may also be aware, WordQ was a little fussy at times. As such, we are pleased to announcement the deployment of a new tool to support not only students with Special Exam Conditions, but will be available for all students. Please note, as in previous years, special exam conditions are defined within a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The tool is called Read&Write from Texthelp. It’s a software tool that is designed to help everyone engage in digital content in a way that supports their learning style. It will be deployed to WQSB students as a Chrome extension but is also available as a desktop, iOS, and Android application. Along with Read&Write there are also two additional tools that will be pushed to students: OrbitNote(a PDF Reader) and Screenshot Reader.

Students are now required to sign-in using their WQSB credentials to access both WQSB Windows computers (tutorial here) and WQSB Chromebooks (tutorial here). On these devices, they use a WQSB-managed Google Chrome profile when accessing the internet. Students can access the Texthelp extensions at home as well by logging into Chrome using a WQSB profile (tutorial here).

Once in their Chrome browser, students will see the Chrome extensions button (puzzle piece). Here students can find the Texthelp extensions and “pin” them for quick access:

Wishing you all a successful year!

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