Inclement Weather

In the event of bus cancellations or school closures as a result of inclement weather, information will be available to you promptly (usually by 6:40 AM) in different manners, including the following:

Situation still unclear?

We do not usually send out notices when nothing is closed or cancelled. No red banner, no problem. No tweet, no problem. No Facebook post, no problem.

Important reminders
  • Even when bus transportation is cancelled, our buildings usually remain open and staffed. If it is safe to do so, parents can choose to drop their children at our schools and pick them up at the end of the school day. In doing that, our students have somewhere to go when their parents or guardians cannot take the day off.
  • When transportation is not cancelled, our buses only travel down roads where they can do so safely. If a bus does not pick children up in the morning as a result of unsafe road conditions, and their parents choose to drop them off at school nonetheless, it is expected that they will also be responsible for picking them up after school as it is likely that the bus will not be able to travel safely down the same roads in the PM.
  • Contact the school directly should you prefer to validate your child’s absence for weather-related reasons on a day classes are held.
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Transporation Policy

You can review our full school transportation policy anytime by downloading it.


After having made some important changes to the way we send out information, we have sent out a bilingual letter for Radio & TV broadcasters on or around our territory.