Western Québec is a progressive, creative and forward-looking educational organization. Its nearly 1300 dedicated and hard-working staff members are committed to providing quality education and top notch services to almost 9000 students across a territory of 90 000 square kilometres. That’s twice the size of Nova Scotia!

Why us? Let our teachers tell you why they’ve chosen our board.

Current Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications.

The Western Québec School Board offers career paths in a variety of distinct areas:

The Western Québec School Board applies an Equal Access Program and encourages members of First Nations, people living with a disability, as well as members of ethnic, religious and gender minorities to apply, to work and to collaborate within our schools and centres and become valued, contributing members of our communities.

Security Background Check

In order to apply, you will need to provide a recent Security Background Check (two years or less).

We are currently reviewing our security background check process. Contact HR for more information.