Meet Stephanie Frigon, the New Principal at Golden Valley School!

Stephanie sitting at her desk in her office

The Western Québec School Board recognizes educators who show consistent dedication to quality education, and to nurturing a sense of community within their schools. We are proud to welcome Stephanie Frigon into her new administrative role as the Principal at Golden Valley School in Val d’Or.

Ms. Frigon’s passion for helping others learn and grow is what initially drew her to the field of education. Now in her role as Golden Valley’s Principal, fostering a positive and inclusive school culture where students feel safe, respected, and supported is one of Stephanie’s top priorities.

To feel safe and to succeed in their studies, students must have their nutritional needs met. Earlier this school year, support staff noticed that the number of students coming to school without snacks and lunches was increasing and expressed their concern to Ms. Frigon. “We coordinated a plan to allow the support staff to use the school kitchen during PD days to prepare large quantities of small frozen lunches.” Their goal was to provide lunches that were nutritious, cost effective, and enjoyed by the students. At their last kitchen session, they prepared 18 lasagnas, and 18 Shepard’s pies, which will last approximately 1-2 months.

Ms. Frigon reading to students

Collaborative learning is another key element in keeping Golden Valley running smoothly. Multiple teachers meet weekly to discuss and share their learning evaluations, teaching strategies, and to answer any questions that may arise. Many of their veteran teachers will also model teaching techniques, and the mentor coaches as well as administration provide feedback during walkthroughs and formal observations.

Ms. Frigon finds her role as principal to be highly rewarding. She enjoys creating a positive learning environment and setting goals for student achievement. Ms. Frigon is excited to have the opportunity to lead a team of dedicated educators and support staff. “We help one another grow professionally and improve on our teaching practices. Watching my team succeed and students excel is incredibly fulfilling”. The ability to make a positive difference in the lives of the students and the community is very satisfying for Stephanie.

The Western Québec School Board is grateful to have a seasoned educator and effective leader such as Stephanie Frigon take on an administrative role as the new Principal at Golden Valley School.

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