2019 French Public Speaking Competition

The 2019 finale of Western Québec’s concours d’art oratoire – volet primaire was held this Friday 22 March 2019 at South Hull Elementary, with great success. This major event promotes la langue de Molière amongst Western Québecers. Grade 5 students from 8 of our elementary schools came together to present a subject of their choosing.

The winners were chosen by a jury made up of madame Hélène Leboeuf,  madame Rachel Vincent, and monsieur Pascal Proulx.

The winners of the French Second Language category are:

  • Simon Girard of Greater Gatineau Elementary, whose topic was Avant moi…, first place;
  • Noah Marks of Wakefield Elementary, whose topic was L’importance des cours de musique à l’école, second place;
  • Alexis Bulmer of Chelsea Elementary, whose topic was Le Japon, third place.

The winners of the French Immersion category are:

  • Olivia Beauchamp of South Hull Elementary, who spoke about La vaccination, first place;
  • Mathias Hénault of South Hull Elementary, who spoke about L’exploration des profondeurs marines, second place;
  • Kaelan Yurkiw of Lord Aylmer Elementary, who spoke about La vie sans WIFI, third place.

We would like to congratulate all the participants, as well as Principal Sévigny, madame Christine Gévry and the teachers of South Hull. We would also like to express or gratitude to the French Immersion and FSL teachers for doing incredible work in teaching and coaching their students.

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