Call for nominations for an ethics officer

(Designated person)

The Western Québec School Board is seeking a person with at least 10 years of professional experience to act as the Designated Person as described in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Commissioners of the Western Québec School Board (WQSB) described in By-law 15.  This By-law sets the standards and guides the actions of the members of the Council of Commissioners in the execution of their duties and also governs the actions of and relationships between Commissioners and with stakeholders.  The Designated Person is responsible for reviewing or investigating situations and behaviors alleged to derogate from the Code of Ethics and making recommendations.

The successful candidate should possess:

Knowledge of administrative, legal or government (e.g. school or municipal councils) systems, professional ethics, and conflict of interest rules and regimes, along with at least 5 years practical experience applying and implementing statutory, regulatory and/or policy obligations; experience with youth sector school systems is considered an asset.

Significant training and/or accreditation in at least one of the following is essential: investigation, mediation, arbitration, conflict resolution or negotiation.  Substantial experience conducting investigations, research, and documenting evidence is highly desirable.

Skilled at written and verbal communication, listening, factual analysis.  Organization, working with deadlines, good judgement and insightfulness are essential attributes.  

Must have demonstrated commitment to human rights principles and practices around justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

This position operates on a by case, time + material contract basis for a term of four (4) years.

Members of the public or organisations can submit nominations and self-nominations are accepted.  Candidates must submit a CV, including references, and a letter of interest by August 9, 2023 to the attention of Rachel Vincent, Administrative Officer, Western Québec School Board 

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