Complaints Regarding Tender Management

An enterprise or group of enterprises or their representative interested in participating in the awarding process for a public contract may file a complaint with the School Board if the documents of this ongoing call for tenders or if any changes to these documents stipulate:

  • Conditions that do not ensure the honest and fair treatment of bidders or;
  • Conditions that do not allow bidders to compete although they are qualified to meet the stated procurement requirements or;
  • Conditions not compliant with the normative framework.

It can also complain about a contract entered into by mutual agreement (“gré à gré”)if, following the publication of a notice of intention on the electronic tender system (SEAO), it has expressed its interest in executing the contract.

It may also file a complaint in regards to the tendering or awarding process for a public contract for other issues than those described earlier.

You can find additional information by consulting the procedure of the School Board in regards to the filing and treatment of a complaint.

  • To find out more about the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP), click here
  • To learn more about the procedure and admissibility, click here

Complaint Procedure

Please file the required form, which you can find by following this link.To file a complaint under section 7, please submit by email the duly completed form to the person responsible for the handling of complaints (Compliance Officer), at the following address as well as to the AMP at file a complaint under section 8, please submit the duly completed form to the AMP at