Join Our Team – WQSB Teaching Vacancies 2024-2025

A wall of staff portraits done by elementary school students

Join our team at the Western Québec School Board!

Please have a look at our teaching vacancies for 2024-2025. This link will be updated regularly as new positions become available and existing ones are filled.

About WQSB

The WQSB is an English-language school board offering:

·      Quality English and French immersion programming

·      Pre-school, elementary, and secondary education

·      Outdoor education programs

·      High standards for teaching and learning

·      A focus on safe, caring, and peaceful workplaces

With 31 schools and centres across Québec, we provide diverse educational environments.

We believe in people and we strive to create a safe and engaging culture in every school and centre.

Together, we’re dedicated to developing lifelong learners who contribute to society and are prepared for their future. All of us are committed to academic excellence and the provision of quality education which encourages social, emotional and moral development.

We respect and promote the rights and responsibilities of every individual while maintaining a student-centered, safe and healthy learning environment. Parents and communities are valued as collaborative partners in enriching programs and achieving goals.

Cultural differences are valued and celebrated within our student population through French-Immersion programs, First Nations events and student initiatives and activities.

The way we see it, “Western Québec” is just another way of saying “welcoming and supportive workplace”. We look forward to having you on our team!

We recognize qualifications from other provinces across Canada.

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