Letter to parents and students: Emergency red-zone measures extended further to include all of the Outaouais region

It does not reflect the directives and measures in place for the 2021-2022 school year


Dear parents, guardians, and adult/vocational education students,

Earlier this afternoon, Premier Legault announced the following measures, which will be put in place as outlined below:

  • All schools currently under red-zone measures will maintain the measures up to and including Friday, April 23; these schools and centres will continue with distance learning, as they have been since April 12
  • Beginning Thursday, April 15, all WQSB schools in the Outaouais region will have the same red-zone emergency measures imposed on them and therefore, will be closed and will begin distance learning, which will continue up to and including Friday, April 23
  • All schools following distance learning will do so as outlined below:
    • – Secondary Schools: follow their regular schedules via distance learning
    • – Elementary Schools: distance learning as determined by the individual schools; parents will be advised by school administration
    • – Adult Education and Vocational Training Centres will be online/distance learning
  • Please note that the red-zone measures do not apply to our schools in Region 08, namely: G. Théberge School, Golden Valley School, Noranda School, the Western Quebec Continuing Education Centre in Val-d’Or, and the Anishnabe Adult Education Centre

A reminder as well to all that due to the scheduled teacher strike on Wednesday, April 14, all Western Quebec schools will offer distance education for all elementary and secondary students.

The Western Québec School Board remains committed to keeping all stakeholders as up-to-date as possible. While recognizing the fact that there have been many measures and consequently letters with updates such as this one, it is fundamentally important that you have the information regarding directives and measures as soon as we are able to provide it. Please note that all of our communications are available our westernquebec.ca website; the most current memos and letters are featured on the main page as a large red banner.


George Singfield
Secretary General and Director of Corporate Services & Communication

For more information regarding COVID and our sanitary protocols, visit westernquebec.ca/coronavirus, where you will find this very letter, and a wealth of other resources.

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