Letter to Parents: Modifications to the Basic School Regulation (Primary and Secondary Education)

It does not reflect the directives and measures in place for the 2021-2022 school year


Good Evening,

Further to a decree that was issued yesterday by the provincial government, Education Minister Jean-François Roberge announced a number of modifications to the Basic School Regulation, which take effect immediately.  A summary of these changes is listed below:

  • The Progress Report that was to be issued by October 15th by all primary and secondary schools has been postponed to a new date; parents and students can now expect to receive the Progress Reports no later than November 20th
    • (Section 29; Basic School Regulation)
  • The school year will be divided into two terms (as opposed to the current 3). Report cards will be issued to students as follows:
    • Term 1: No later than January 22nd
    • Term 2: No later than July 10th
    • (Section 29.1; Basic School Regulation)
  • Final marks (at both the primary and secondary levels) will be presented as percentages
    • (Section 30.2; Basic School Regulation)
  • Final marks will be calculated using the following weightings (at both the primary and secondary levels):
    • Term I: 50%
    • Term II: 50%
    • (Section 30.2; Basic School Regulation)
  • Ministry Épreuves at the primary level and June Exams at the secondary level will be scheduled as originally planned

Individual schools will provide additional information as it is received from the Ministry; I will also continue to provide updates.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

George Singfield
Secretary General and Director of Corporate Services and Communication

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