Local Group of Friends Donates Scholarships to 5 D’Arcy Students

Photo: Chairman James Shea, Principal George Singfield, Ms. Lillian Beaudoin and Director General Mike Dubeau.

As the school year comes to an end, a group of friends in Aylmer, the Circle of Friends, donated $5000 to D’Arcy McGee High School to provide 5 students with scholarships of $1000 each.

The five recipients, all secondary 5 students registered in a Canadian post-secondary or career program, were invited to apply by submitting a 2-page essay to their principal on the elimination of violence against women and children in Canada and elsewhere. They are Valentina Canales Burke, Hannah Fraser Purdy, Jewelyann Ouimet, Beza Getachew and Grace Keon.

Another $5000 was presented to École secondaire Grande Rivière.

This is a way for us to help bring awareness and spark a conversation around the horrific issue of violence against women and children, even right here in Canada. Our youth can and will make a difference. Knowledge is power and education is key.

Lillian Beaudoin
Founder, Aylmer’s Circle of Friends

This is a significant amount of money, regardless of where it will be used. Whether it is at the local WQCC or Cégep, or at a faraway college or university, it will very clearly have a positive impact. We are extremely grateful for this generous donation!

George Singfield, Principal
Symmes Jr. & D’Arcy McGee High School

When a local contribution like this one is made to our learning community, the whole community benefits from it.

James Shea, Chairman
Western Québec School Board

Aylmer’s Circle of Friends is a community group of professional women that brings community members and local businesses together. In 2016 they raised another $10,000 in support of L’autre chez-soi, a local women’s shelter.

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