Meet Hannah Patrick, the new Vice-principal at Lord Aylmer Elementary!

VP Patrick posing in a purple blazer.

At the Western Québec School Board, hard work, initiative and talent are celebrated and recognized.  Ms. Patrick, by displaying these qualities, has earned her position as the board’s newest administrator in a very short period.  We spent some time with her at Lord Aylmer’s senior campus to learn her story.

Ms. Patrick was initially drawn to the education system after working for a summer camp for nine consecutive years. She had the privilege of working with many of the same children, year after year. “Getting to know them, their strengths, interests, and witnessing their growth each year was a truly beautiful experience. The opportunity to contribute to the well-being and development of students has always been a compelling motivator for me.”

Hannah’s career in education has been a short yet fulfilling journey. After earning her Bachelor of Education from Bishop’s University, she began her professional journey as a resource teacher at Buckingham Elementary. Over the course of two years, Hannah built wonderful relationships with both the staff and students. She then transitioned to Eardley Elementary, where she spent the following four years. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, her team at Eardley grew closer and provided unwavering support for one another.

Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of assuming various leadership roles within the WQSB, including serving as a Mentor-Coach, Coach Facilitator and Staff Assistant. In these roles, Hannah honed her abilities in managing teams, promoting a positive school culture, resolving conflicts, and implementing strategic initiatives that align with the school’s vision and goals. 

VP Patrick posing in the Lord Aylmer senior campus gym.

Now, Ms. Patrick is a proud and loyal Lord Aylmer Lynx, as she embraces her journey as the newly hired Vice-principal at the school.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of serving as Lord Aylmer’s Vice-principal is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships among students, staff, and the broader community”, she shares. “Cultivating these diverse relationships, which ultimately contribute to the holistic growth and development of our Lord Aylmer family, has been an absolute delight.”

When asked about her responsibilities as an administrator, she shares that her primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of her students. “I firmly believe that by prioritizing this commitment in every decision we make, we can provide the best possible education for our students, thereby ensuring their success and overall well-being.”

VP Patrick seen through a small star-shaped mirror. Photo taken in a sensory room.

One of Hannah’s favourite school events is their monthly pep rallies, newly instituted this year. These gatherings are filled with energy, enthusiasm, and school spirit. She says that the excitement and unity in the air are palpable during these gatherings. “Our Pep Rallies allow us to celebrate the school’s achievements and events, whether it’s highlighting an upcoming event, recognizing students who have embodied one of the Grandfather Teachings, showcasing sports achievements, celebrating BIPOC artists, or expressing staff appreciation. It’s a time to acknowledge and honour the hard work and dedication of our students and staff and their remarkable accomplishments.”

Congratulations, Hannah Patrick on your new position! Lord Aylmer Elementary is fortunate to have you as their new Vice-principal!

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