Public consultation – Transportation boundaries for St. Mike’s, Hadley and Philemon Wright

Dear parents and community members,

You are invited to attend a public consultation (dates and times listed below) during which the transportation boundaries for St. Mike’s High School, Hadley Junior High School, and Philemon Wright High School will be discussed.

A number of variables have factored into this consultation, most notably:

  • New facility at St. Mike’s
  • Increasing enrollment at all three schools
  • High academic results in all three schools
  • Ensuring the viability for our schools as we look to the future
  • The need to ensure that that our transportation system is efficient and wellaligned
  • The value and importance of individual and collective input from WQSB
    community members

The Director General of the school board has prepared a document with additional context information. Download it here.

The consultation evenings are open to all; the hope is to solicit relevant feedback and input regarding the transportation boundaries for the three identified schools. Please note that the consultation evenings will begin with a short presentation regarding the boundaries, followed by a facilitated consultation.

Tuesday, November 5th; St. Michael’s High School 7:00 pm
Tuesday, November 12th; Hadley/Philemon Wright High School 7:00 pm

For further information, please contact George Singfield, Secretary General-Director of Corporate Services; Western Quebec School Board (

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