Statement: Kamloops Residential School

The Western Québec School Board mourns the loss of the lives of the 215 children taken at the Kamloops residential school.

This news reinforces the need to ensure all Canadians understand the atrocities and injustices committed by the residential school system.

The loss of Indigenous children who attended residential schools will remain a stain on Canadian society. It is time for these innocent children to be honoured and their deaths mourned.

The board reaffirms its commitment to reconciliation and the teaching of the history and impact of residential schools.

A National Indian Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for former students and those affected. Support can be accessed by calling 1 866 925 4419.

Alain Guy, Chairman
Western Quebec School Board

Mike Dubeau, Director General
Western Quebec School Board

Ruth Ahern, Assistant Director General
Western Quebec School Board

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