Our Statement Regarding Religious Symbols Legislation

The Western Québec School Board, like all school boards and school service centres, are subject to and must comply with the provincial laws that regulate employment in the public sector.

Please find an earlier public statement, which we continue to stand behind, originally published on March 29, 2019, before Bill 21 became Law 21.

The Western Québec School Board Strongly Opposes Religious Symbols Legislation

Western Québec believes in the values of freedom of expression, respect, and acceptance of others. We believe that the cultural and religious diversity in our schools and centres are a source of strength and should be celebrated. For these reasons, the Western Québec School Board is opposed to Bill 21 An act respecting the laicism of the state, in particular the sections prohibiting teachers and school principals from wearing religious symbols while performing their duties.

“Western Québec believes a religious symbol worn by an educator does not have an impact on their ability to teach and provide quality education for our students. Our schools are inclusive learning environments where students are taught about acceptance, diversity and respect.”

Alain Guy, Former Chairman

“I believe our cultural and religious diversity is a strength in our schools and centres. It is our mission as educators to model acceptance and respect of others in order to build collaborative learning communities.”

Mike Dubeau, Director General

Equal Access Employment
The Western Québec School Board applies an Equal Access Program, which encourages people of different faiths to work and collaborate within our schools and centres, and become valued, contributing members of our communities.

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