Application to teach

Western Québec is a progressive, creative and forward-looking educational organization. Its nearly 1300 dedicated and hard-working staff members are committed to providing quality education and top notch services to almost 9000 students over a territory twice the size of Nova Scotia!

What you get:

  • Academic and specialized programming which is among the best in the province
  • Innovative problem solving encouraged
  • Leadership Training Partnerships with Universities and Industry
  • Individual attention of a “smaller” board
  • Opportunity for mobility and advancement
  • Opportunity for varied teaching experience (Northern, Rural and Urban areas)
  • Support of a principal in every school
  • Full use of Technology–Internet Tele & Video-Conferencing, etc.
  • Ongoing Professional Development
  • Excellent working conditions and full contractual benefits
  • Variety of school organizations: Kindergarten-Cycle 5 (grade 11), Cycle 4 (grade 7)-Cycle 5 (grade 11), Junior Highs
  • Variety of school size: everything from 40 students to 1,100 students

Our schools offer tons of life-changing programs, quality services and fun extracurricular activities. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at our Schools section!

The Western Québec School Board is currently seeking to hire qualified teachers for supply teaching positions, both full-time and on call, in our anglophone public schools located in Gatineau. We encourage new graduates living in the Gatineau and Ottawa regions to apply. And since Western Québec is an English-language school board, most of our supply positions do not require fluent French.


But enough about us, tell us a bit about you!


Problems with this application form – If you encounter problems with the application form above, email with your resume, cover letter, proof of qualification (Brevet, OTC or else) and security background check.

Security Background Check – For more information on this, click here. The School Board cannot be of assistance with this requirement.