Western Québec schools ranked best public schools in the Outaouais

Released last week, an independent report ranked all medium and large secondary schools in the province (Anglophone, Francophone, public, and private) based primarily on the results from Ministry of Education end-of-year exams.

Our two largest secondary schools, Philemon Wright and D’Arcy McGee High Schools, are respectively ranked first and second among all eighteen Outaouais public schools.

Fraser Institute’s annual Quebec school ranking report is available at quebec.compareschoolrankings.org. The Western Québec School Board is proud to share these results.

Complementary information can be found on quebec.compareschoolrankings.org/secondary/Faq.aspx.

Despite successful results, several smaller Western Québec secondary and K11 schools are not included in the report due to their smaller cohorts.

Although this report is released in 2019, it is based on data and school results from June 2018.

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