Community Update on PETES’ Lab-École Project

Last night, around 150 people came to hear representatives from the school board and the Lab-École team present the latest developments in the renovation and extension project of Hull’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School. The townhall-style meeting allowed Pierre Thibault (one of the Lab-École founders), Pascal Proulx and Claudia Campeau to hear the comments and answer the questions shared by members of the community.

“As we prepare to launch the Lab-École architecture competition, listening to the population and answering their questions is of paramount importance to us. The Gatineau project will have a considerable impact on the neighbourhood and it is our responsibility to provide information to the community.”

Pierre Thibault, co-founder of the Lab-École

A Shared Vision for the Project

PETES’ Lab-École is a pillar for individuals and the community; a mooring point for students, parents and school personnel; and a holistic approach to teaching with flexible learning spaces and maximized outdoors spaces fully integrated to the school and open to the community.

The renovated and expanded PETES will offer four new classrooms (in addition to its 26 existing ones), a new flexible common space, dedicated areas for collaboration, additional administrative spaces, a computer space and new locker room areas.

The school community will also be provided with an additional gym offering direct access outside, a greenhouse, a larger community kitchen and a dining room, as well as different outdoor learning spaces.

“Several members of the community are working tirelessly on this project. We are delighted to be finally able to introduce the PETES Lab-École project and have a public discussion. We want students, parents, staff and neighbours to better understand the importance and scope of a project like this, and what it means to have something like that right here in Hull.”

Pascal Proulx, WQSB Director of Buildings, Technology & Archives

About Lab-École

The Lab-École is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur. Its mission is to bring together multidisciplinary expertise to develop the schools of the future. Under the leadership of its three founders, Pierre Thibault, Pierre Lavoie and Ricardo Larrivée, Lab-École is committed to leveraging this collective reflection so as to develop a societal project. How? By merging the school personnel’s knowledge with the expertise of specialists stemming from a wide range of fields to create the very best schools in Québec, schools that foster the well-being of students and of every actor gravitating around them.

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