School Board Elections 2018

In addition to schools having their own Governing Boards, the Western Québec School Board is itself governed by a council of 16 commissioners. These commissioners are either elected every four years by eligible voters whose names are on the territory’s English Electors List, or appointed under the Act, respecting Governing Board Elections.

The next elections will be held on Sunday 4 November 2018.

On this page, we have compiled information we believe is relevant to voters:

Electoral List

According to the Act Respecting School Elections; all parents with children enrolled in the English-language school board of their territory will be registered on the English electoral list.

If you do not have children enrolled in the English-language or French-language school boards of your territory, you are automatically registered on the French-language electoral list.

Paying school taxes, either to the English-language or French-language school board, does not mean you are registered on the electoral list of that board.

Any elector on the WQSB territory wanting to be registered to vote on the English-language electoral list, must complete a notice and return it, signed, to the Western Quebec School Board.

Download and fill out the notice form

Return the completed and signed notice by email (, fax (819 684-6810), or mail (attn: Returning Officer WQSB, 15 rue Katimavik, Gatineau J9J 0E9)

Electoral Divisions

The electoral divisions of the Western Québec School board are within the administrative regions of the Outaouais (07) and Abitibi-Témiscamingue (08).

The following are the approved electoral divisions by the Commission de la representation électorale du Québec, and the adopted board resolutions of said divisions for the Western Québec School Board.

Running as a Candidate

Choice of Position

A candidate can only run for one position on the Council of Commissioners.  Either the chair or a commissioner. Also, a candidate can only run in one school board.

Admission Conditions

A candidate does not necessarily have to own property or pay school taxes to run. However, the person must be entered on the list of electors of the school board, and on the date of the elections, have been domiciled on the territory for at least six months.

Becoming an Authorized Candidate

Candidates can obtain their nomination papers from the returning officer of the school board. Nomination papers must include, among other things, the surname and given name of the candidate and his/her signature. Also, it must be supported by the names and addresses of at least 10 electors from the selected electoral division, or if they are a candidate for the office of chair, at least 50 electors from the concerned school board’s territory.

Nomination Papers

  1. Form DGE-5801 of the Directeur général des Élections du Québec
  2. Form DGE-5802 of the Directeur général des Élections du Québec *if you are running for Chairperson, print this form 5 times.

These forms will be submitted to the DGE for approval.


 Sources: Élections Québec & Western Québec School Board