Meet Jeremy Wouda, the New Vice-principal at Hadley Junior/Philemon Wright High School

Jeremy standing by a sunny window in the cafeteria

At the Western Québec School Board, hard work, leadership and passion for education are highly valued characteristics. Jeremy Wouda thoroughly embodies these values, and we are proud to warmly welcome him in his new administrative position as Vice-principal at Hadley Junior/Philemon Wright High School!

Mr. Wouda grew up in Huntsville, Ontario, where he and his four siblings were homeschooled by their Dutch immigrant parents. Jeremy had planned to be a youth pastor, and to better prepare for post-secondary, he asked to do his last two years at the local high school. It was during this time that he fell in love with education, as well as with his wife of 18 years, Alison.

During Mr. Wouda’s time in high school, he realized that the world is a mix of opinions and ways of being.  On the field of education, he noted, “I was hooked, and I decided that I wanted to be a part of this world.” After completing his degree in English and a Bachelor of Education, he accepted a full-time teaching position at Golden Valley School in Val d’Or. During his seven years at the school, Jeremy had several different opportunities in leadership positions, including being the Staff Assistant for five years. This is where he first thought about moving to administration.

Jeremy and Alison then moved their family to Aylmer, where Alison was offered a position as the finance secretary at Philemon Wright High School. Jeremy transferred to Pontiac High School, where he spent two formative years teaching Grade 9 English. He enjoyed coaching the boys’ basketball team immensely while at PHS and enjoyed the incredible experience of chaperoning a group of students on a trip to Europe.

He then transferred to Hadley Junior/Philemon Wright High School where he taught English. “I love the energy of PWHS.”  Now in his administrative role as Hadley Junior’s Vice-principal, Mr. Wouda finds his circle of impact much larger, which he feels is both incredibly fulfilling and humbling. The decisions he makes, and the directions he suggests make a huge difference in the school community.

The Nosh sign above the door to the kitchen

Mr. Wouda and the staff are dedicated to supportively responding to the challenges facing their students. They have a popular No Student Hungry (NOSH) program, which feeds many students. Furthermore, he feels responsible for ensuring issues of cleaning and maintenance are addressed promptly. The school has set up a QR code for students and staff to instantly report issues in the school’s washrooms and elsewhere around the building, allowing maintenance to be dispatched immediately.

As a new administrator, he feels most days are fast-paced and demanding but Jeremy loves the challenge, figuring it out one day at a time. “My dad always said that if you can go to work without thinking that it’s ‘work’, you’ve picked the right career. I can honestly say that this is true for me.”

Congratulations, Jeremy Wouda on your new position! Hadley Junior/Philemon Wright High School is fortunate to have you as its new Vice-principal!

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