Your Council Insider for May 28

Here’s a summary of the matters discussed at the May 28 meeting of the Council of Commissioners. To learn more about the Council of Commissioners, visit the Governance page.

Chair’s Report

Chairman Alain Guy presented his monthly written report, which topics included the Quebec English School Board Association (QESBA) spring conference in Mont Tremblant, the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Indigenous Education on May 27, and the continued difficult flooding conditions in our region. Chairman Guy recognized those commissioners and administrators around the table for their leadership and devotion to the communities affected by the floods.

The chair also extended congratulations for the recent administrative appointments.

Director General’s Report

In his report, Director General Mike Dubeau started by thank staff for their dedication, hard work and professionalism throughout the flooding crisis.

DG Dubeau then provided Commissioners with information on recent administrative appointments, including the promotion of George Singfield as Secretary General and Director of Corporate Services (currently Principal of Symmes/D’Arcy McGee), Samantha Halpin as Principal of Eardley (currently Buckingham), Tara Laine as Principal of Symmes/ D’Arcy McGee (currently VP), William Rosseel as Principal of Buckingham (currently VP of Hadley/Philemon Wright) Kate Smith as VP of Hadley/Philemon Wright (currently VP of Greater Gatineau), Nancy Cloutier as Principal of Golden Valley (currently a teacher and staff assistant), Grady Robson as Principal of McDowell (currently Onslow) and Ralph Mason as Principal of Onslow (currently Eardley). These appointments are effective 1 July 2019

Communications Plan 2019-2022

Maintaining respectful, effective and efficient two-way communication is critical for building trust and relationships with our students, parents and local communities. This is a priority of the Western Québec School Board.

The purpose of this communications plan is to provide objectives and action items to enhance proactive and effective strategic communications within the Western Québec School Board in order to support its efforts towards realizing its vision, goals and values. This plan serves as a guide for internal and external communications regarding communication initiatives for staff, students, parents or guardians, and the broader community.

The Western Québec School Board is committed to continuous improvements in order to realize its vision, follow its Commitment to Success Plan and uphold its values. Communication plays an integral role in moving towards success in these areas. Given the addition of a communications consultant to the team and the recent deployment of new communication tools and channels, there is now an opportunity to embed strategic proactive communication initiatives into the strategic goals of the Western Québec School Board. This plan provides that link.

With the support of the Communications Ad Hoc Committee, Communications Consultant François Raymond presented the board’s 2019-2022 Communications Plan, complete with five strategic communication goals and twelve objectives. A digital version is available here.

Adoption of the Procedure for Receiving and Examining of Complaints Under the Awarding of a Public Contract

With changes made by the provincial government to the procedures and the oversight of public bodies, Compliance Officer Manuel Gómez presented a new set of procedures for the receiving and examining of complaints. This way, an enterprise or group of enterprises interested in participating in the awarding process for a WQSB public contract may file a complaint if they deemed the conditions questionable or discriminatory. Council approved these mechanisms as By-Law 42, and the complaint procedure was made available online the following day.

Allocation of Buildings Budgets
  • After Council had approved revisions to the renovation budget of Pontiac High School due to more urgent repairs needed (roof and main entrance) at Lord Aylmer Junior Campus, Director of Buildings Pascal Proulx invited Council to approve a tender of $589 400 from Industries CAMA for interior renovations of Pontiac High School, including to its music room.
  • After Council had approved revisions to the renovation budget of Hull Adult Education Centre due to more urgent repairs (structural issues) needed at Centre l’Envol in Témiscaming, Director of Buildings Pascal Proulx invited Council to approve a tender of $427 000 from DLS Construction Inc. for the replacement of interior finishes.
  • Council approved a tender in the amount of $289 261 from Gestion DMJ for the renovation of the second floor toilet blocks at Philemon Wright High School
Allocation of Technology Budgets
  • A tender in the amount of $61 500 was approved by Council for the installation of cabling for Internet business telephones and an intercom system at Golden Valley School.
Dissatisfaction Report

During the 2017-2018 school year, Council approved a contract with Groupe Réno Construction (later changed its name to Gauthier Solution Inc.) for the renovation of student washrooms at Poltimore Elementary for the amount of $149 999. During the summer of 2018, WQSB buildings staff began feeling preoccupied by the poor quality of the work being done by Gauthier Solution Inc. in its school. In an attempt to rectify the situation, WQSB contacted the company through a series of communications, meetings and letters. The contract was terminated in February. Under the recommendation of Director of Buildings Pascal Proulx, Council passed a resolution to prevent Gauthier Solution Inc. from bidding on any contract for the WQSB for a period of two years.

This concludes your Council Insider for 28 May 2019.

Disclaimer – This information is provided solely as a short summary of the matters discussed at the Council of commissioners meeting. This summary is provided in the spirit of transparency, and it will in no way replace the official minutes of this meeting, which are usually approved at the following meeting, and made available online shortly thereafter. In the case of a conflict between the information provided here and the approved official minutes, the latter takes precedence.

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