Sanitary Measures & Protocols for 2021-2022

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As we live through this third school year marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that you are aware of the directives and measures that the provincial government has put into place. The orientations of the 2021-2022 back-to-school plan were established based on the current health situation and the ongoing vaccination rollout among the population. Find a summary of these measures below:

  • School and Centre Openings: first and foremost, it should be noted that all schools (primary, elementary, secondary, adult education, and vocational training) are open for in-school learning, with the expectation of 100% of students attending schools and centres on a full-time basis
  • Wearing of Masks:
    • – Students in Kindergarten are not required to wear masks [except on school buses, see update below]
    • – Students in Region 08 (G. Théberge, Noranda, Golden Valley, WQ Continuing Education Centre- Val D’or, Anishnabe Adult Education Centre) must wear masks while on buses, and while in common areas inside their respective school or centre
    • – Students in Region 07 (Outaouais; all other schools and centres) must wear masks while on buses, and at all times while inside their respective school or centre (common areas and classrooms)
  • Physical Distancing: there are no physical distancing guidelines for students
  • Hygiene and Disinfection Measures: the following health measures will be maintained:
    • – cleaning and disinfection, particularly with regard to frequently touched surfaces;
    • – hand hygiene routines for students and staff
    • – evaluation of students with symptoms to determine if isolation is necessary
  • School Transportation: students will be assigned seats. Procedural masks are required for students in elementary and secondary school [now including kindergarten students, see update below]
  • Medical Exemptions: parents of students who are deemed medically vulnerable to Covid-19 (or reside with someone deemed medically vulnerable) may apply for an exemption to access virtual learning at the WQSB Online Academy. Please note that application forms must be submitted (along with a letter fro a medical doctor) to the attention of Mr. Pat Hall, WQOA Principal at Application forms may be downloaded from the WQOA website:
  • Indoor Sports Facilities: students may remove their masks while participating in a Physical Education class,
    or during a physical activity [except in elementary grades 1-6, see update below]
  • Extracurricular Activities: extracurricular activities are permitted; in secondary schools, students who
    participate in an extracurricular activity must provide proof of vaccination
Additional measures in effect Monday October 4 in all Outaouais elementary schools
  • Students in grades 1-6 must wear procedural masks while in physical education classes that are held indoors.
  • Students in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten must wear procedural masks while on their respective school buses.

It is understood that we will receive revised measures as we move through the school year; please rest assured that these will be communicated to you in a timely and efficient manner. Should you have any questions or concerns, you are kindly asked to forward them to:

Source:  George Singfield, Secretary General & Director of Corporate Services and Communication

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